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You’ve invested substantial energy in choosing a business, securing the training and knowledge. You have decided to put your skills to work. Unfortunately, you now have paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork.

You have decisions to make regarding business entities, financing, employees , taxes, marketing, etc., etc. etc. Each of these areas present even more questions. You find yourself stymied in a vast world of paper.

  • Where do you begin?
  • Where do you get the answers?
  • Is the information accurate?
  • Whatever happened to your great idea?


Comprehensive Business Serivces can provide the services to assist you. We have the resources and networking available to get timely, accurate information.

CBS will do the legwork, get forms, search records or compile data to get you started and keep you from dropping out of the business world.Whatever degree of involvement you decide on, CBS will save you time, energy, money and hassel.

Contact us to discuss what CBS can do for you.