Comprehensive Business Services

CBS has been created to help keep you from becoming a “casualty statistic” on the way to starting your business.

Mission Statement:

Comprehensive Business Services , L.L.C. shall provide its customers the efficiency and convenience of one-stop shopping for professional business services. The Company’s mission is to render the expertise and knowledge of its members and staff in planning and performing the tasks normally dreaded by business owners. It will oversee the smallest details to bring the flow of transactions under one train of thought. Business owners will find more time to pursue the purpose of its own entity.

Comprehensive Business Services will record your bookkeeping and payroll transactions. By capitalizing on the competencies of its staff, Comprehensive Business Services, L.L.C. will penetrate the market and establish its competitive advantage by providing services in all areas of the daily business. As a result of exceptional customer-specific service and attention to detail, Comprehensive Business Services is determined to enjoy a reputation as a valued asset of the small business person.