Comprehensive Business Services LLC

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Comprehensive Business Services (CBS) provides the services to assist you in your business. We have the resources and networking available to get timely, accurate information.

CBS will do the legwork, get forms, search records or compile data to get you started and keep you from dropping out of the business world. Whatever degree of involvement you decide on, CBS can save you time, energy, money and hassel.

There will be times you will need the assistance of trained professionals. Perhaps you need something done requiring expertise outside your own knowledge base. Sometimes you may hire a professional to do something you are capable of doing, but doing it yourself requires more time and energy than you want to give.

You may choose to contract a professional service on a regular basis, such as bookkeeping. You may seek professional services only when needed for a specific situation that arises, such as leasing or buying a business location, creating advertising and marketing materials.

Even if outside help is seldom needed or never needed, it pays to be prepared. Find someone competent and trustworthy in advance.

Your professional services are our business and we care.